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Moon Owl Productions Presents Too Good to be True (A Concert of Contemporary Standards)
Directed by: Sal Real & Rachel Greene
Accompaniment: Christina Hernandez
With a driving passion for creating something worthwhile, MoonOwl Productions seeks to take you along for the ride. Enjoy an evening of stupendous talent while supporting the efforts of a growing theatrical company. MoonOwl strives to remain raw, real, and relevant with each step it takes.

Downtown Raagas' goal is to fuse different musical ideas and genres into tunes that explore and inspire. DR's music is evolving and they are expanding the group with new members, genres and styles. They are writing new material for an early 2016 release. Downtown Raagas comprises of Sharad Agarwal (Vox/ Mohan Veena), Texter Vaid (Guitar / Vox), Swapna Patel (Violin), Jaye Wilson (Vox), Mausam Haleja (Drums & Percussions), Sujoy Mukherjee (Tabla / Slaptop / Percussions) and other guest artists. Directed by Texter Vaid.

Rhythm Tolee is a New York City based Punjabi Folk band with members from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Jersey City, NJ.
"Tolee" is a word from Punjabi language which means "a free spirited group of people." That is exactly what Rhythm Tolee is, a group of free spirited artists with Rhythm. We make a fun combination (or Tolee) to deliver Punjabi folk and Bhangra music.